SHRM Talent Conference

Apr 25, 2018 | Conferences and Speaking

Last week I spoke at the Society for Human Resource Management’s annual Talent Conference & Exposition in Las Vegas. Among many observations, this one stood out: HR professionals, talent managers, and employee engagement practitioners all face the challenge of building meaningful relationships and productive connections between their people and within their organizations.

The lack of fulfilling, engaged relations between people often masquerades as an outcome of poor communication. That brings to mind an insight of one of my favorite poets, Steve Langan, that “Misunderstanding is the cousin to knowledge.” The answer to poor communication is not more communication, it is better conversation. The solution to an environment where talent is underutilized and under appreciated is to create the circumstances for a conversation-based culture.

Is your workplace absent that spark of human flourishing? I’d bet there is little meaningful dialog happening there. Contact me to create it.

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