Beyond mere communication skills, conversation is an essential art facilitating leadership development, high performing teams, creative thinking, engaged cultures and a positive environment for inclusion and diversity. The principles and practices of conversation are an essential feature for every learning and development endeavor aimed at unleashing the power of people and creating workplaces where people are appreciated, connected, and empowered. I advise and support leaders and HR and OD professionals in the design and delivery of:

  • Talent management strategies
  • Leadership courses
  • Team development programs
  • Employee engagement and wellness initiatives
  • Internal culture initiatives connecting brands, culture and employees to people-centric values, beliefs, stories, and strengths.


I design and facilitate listening sessions, interviews, employee roundtables, and candid one-on-one conversations to get to the heart of an organization’s culture.

How Do You Listen to Employees?

Creating an Engaged Workplace

“No one ever got a pig fat by weighing it,” observed Andrew Templeman in Britain’s MacLeod report on engagement. Doing engagement surveys is not engagement. Using engagement tools and engagement platforms does not create a culture of engagement. I believe listening to employees is essential. How best can you do that? Learn more in my guide: “Listening to Employees: A How-To Guide for Employee Roundtables and Workplace Engagement.”





Just a few of the organizations embracing the capacity of conversation for professional development and personal growth, to improve team performance, and to build engaged cultures. And they were great to work with too!

“Stuart is easy to work with and does a wonderful job connecting with participants. He creates a calm, safe environment that allows people to reflect, as well as challenge themselves to focus on what’s important. Stuart fervently opens up communication and provides vehicles to create healthy dialogue and conversations with oneself and others.”

Sarah Wernimont

Manager - Talent & Workforce, Omaha Chamber of Commerce

“I have worked with Stuart on many occasions both having hired him as a consultant and as a speaker. I have also attended Stuart’s training seminar on the art of conversation. Stuart is a passionate and effective communicator. He has a magnetic personality that draws people into his message and makes them receptive to his teaching. He thrives on seeing others succeed. It is a joy to work with him.”

Jason Lauritsen

Keynote Speaker, Author, and Consultant. Employee Engagement and Workplace Culture Expert.

“Stuart is a complete breath of fresh air! He is a fantastic member of our Omaha Organization Development Network and is a fascinating facilitator. He has a knack for keeping your mind open, wondering, and exploring possibilities. People are drawn to his curiosities and divergent thinking – so our gatherings are always better when he’s around!”

Jamie Kelly, MS, ACC, CPLP

Director of Organization Development, Travel & Transport, Inc.