Conference and Event Design

I provide conference organizers with new approaches to designing their conference and providing event experiences that will delight their conference goers. The best conferences offer opportunities for attendees to direct their own learning, to co-create knowledge and the event experience with other attendees, and to develop insights applicable to their work and to their life, as well as providing an environment for fulfilling relationships and a fun time.

My solutions include:

  • Advice on overall conference structure, including pre-thinking and post-conference elements.
  • Designing unique experiences and interventions that contribute to the quality of the conference, learning outcomes and the overall attendee experience.
  • Acting as the conference conversationist-in-residence, providing a variety of ways in which attendees can intersect and build relationships and knowledge.

“Huge value add that I have not seen at other conferences. This should be a must at Conferences. Stuart was extremely well versed, well spoken and just a great human being for the job.”

Attendee at WELCOA Summit 2017

Case Study – WELCOA Summit

At WELCOA’s 2017 annual conference, I was the Conversationalist-in-Residence. My role was to enhance the learning opportunities and overall experience of attendees. By engaging with attendees, I helped them:

  • Reflect more deeply about your summit experience.
  • Process and connect ideas.
  • Consider how you might turn inspiration into action.
  • Discover networks of support and accountability.

Feedback from attendees was extremely positive, one attendee responding, “Highlight of the conference,” and another saying, “Loved Stuart’s role. Fantastic idea.”

If you want to design a better conference, see my six suggestions here at “Good Conference / Bad Conference.”