Hi, I'm Stuart

I awaken human potential through authentic conversation



I believe that through conversation we can live better and work well. Authentic conversation forges meaningful connections that drive higher performance in teams and fuels engaged organizational cultures. Conversation unlocks the power of human relationships and sparks innovation and commitment. Through conversation we awaken our full human potential.

How I can help you

Meaningful human relationships are at the core of vibrant organizations and communities. I use the principles and practices of conversation to catalyze human connection, building the social capital that enables people, companies and communities to flourish. Ask me to help you with the following challenges and opportunities.

Leadership, Talent and Engaged Cultures

Realizing the full transformative talent in your people and your organizational culture is critical for success. I offer experiences and solutions to develop more effective leaders, cultivate high performing teams and nurture cultures of engagement. If you are a leader in the organizational culture or responsible for human resources, talent management or organization development, my programs, services and solutions can help you achieve your strategic goals and build human-centric organizations that thrive.

Conference Design
Great conferences yield wisdom, connection and fulfillment. Too many conferences, however, are still tied to an outmoded twentieth century model, focused primarily on the information and the speakers. The central outcomes of conference planning should be the meaningful connection between attendees and how they can activate their learning. I offer conference organizers unique opportunities to provide a valuable attendee experience and improve the quality of conference outcomes.
$300 billion is the cost to American employers for employee healthcare and employee absence related to workplace stress. Moreover, a loneliness epidemic is exacerbating a lack of wellbeing. Missing from most wellness programs is the recognition that a sense of purpose and strong, meaningful relationships are intrinsic to personal wellbeing. I offer wellness providers conversation-based approaches to integrate into their wellness strategies and programs.
Civic Communities
Our communities are fractured and our society split by incivility, partisanship and misunderstanding. Our sense of “we” is too often rendered as “me” or “mine.” There is a fundamental lack of kindness, an apathy towards our shared humanity. I design and deliver for nonprofits, civic and community-minded organizations one-of-a-kind projects, programs and experiences to connect people in meaningful ways and help communities thrive.

My Services

I help awaken our humanity and make work and life more fulfilling through speaking and workshops, HR/OD consulting and training, coaching, designing awesome conference experiences, and curating community dialog.

“When I think ‘conversation’ I think Stuart.”

Greg Harris

CEO, Quantum Workplace