“LIVES” on Mind & Soul 101.3FM

Lives is a one hour radio talk show featuring interviews and panel discussions. It is broadcast weekly on air and on the internet by KXNB Mind & Soul 101.3FM, a new low-power community radio station licensed to the Malcolm X Foundation and Love’s Jazz and Arts Center in north Omaha. Listen every Wednesday at 2pm CST, on air or streaming online. Links to past shows are below.

What is the Purpose of Lives?

I believe in the profound capacity of human stories and conversation to enlarge our experience and enjoyment of the world, to enrich our personal awareness and to build community. The show speaks to compelling themes relevant to us all using inquisitive, engaging dialog with interesting guests. The radio and online media platform is ideal given its foundation in the principles of aural and oral engagement. Listeners will experience individual insight and entertainment as well as the fulfillment from the affirmative sharing of stories that move and inspire us as people and communities. The show also serves to raise community awareness and develop bridging and bonding social capital, whether in your local community or communities at large.

Listen to Shows

Past shows can be heard at Mixcloud by searching for “Stuart Chittenden”. The latest show, featuring Emiliano Lerda on the theme of immigration is below.
Show One – Art with Watie White
Show Two – Black Middle Class with Othello Meadows
Show Three – Comedy with Ariel Sinha
Show Four – Death with David Thompson
Show Five – Ebola with Dr. Mark Rupp
Show Six – Family Planning with Meg Mikolajczyk
Show Seven – Gardens with Roxanne Williams Draper
Show Eight – Housing with Judy Carlin
Show Nine – Immigration with Emiliano Lerda
Show Ten – Jobs with David Brown
Show Eleven – Kindness with Ferial Pearson
Show Twelve – Libraries with Laura Marlane