IMG_0993PS – This small reflection upon my prior post here. I have never met Doug in person, as we were eIntroduced by a mutual friend. We have communicated via technological means (email, social media and Skype) as well as a delightful piece of mail that Doug sent to me. Doug is one of the few people whom I have not met in person that is in my social media circle that I regard as a friend. We all use various forms of social media in various ways for various purposes. We also each have multifaceted and nuanced interpretations of what friendship means and requires. In that context, our individual perspective is all that really matters as we weigh the depth and tenor of our relationships. In fact, I have no idea how Doug regards me, as we’ve never talked about this. Unless I have met someone in person, I usually regard them as no more than an acquaintance, if that. But for me there are those few whose personality is so resonant in their communications, despite the absent physical presence, that I sense an authentic connection. These are the people who practice the art of conversation in harmony with the utility of technology, rather than losing their personality and succumbing to technology’s neutering, anesthetizing effect.