Voltaire_and_Diderot_at_the_Café_ProcopeFirst, the question: What is a conversational culture? I am developing concepts around how to create a conversational culture, but wanted to tap into your thoughts on what such an environment comprised and how it might be identified…


Now for a few simple updates:

  • I am part way through a collaboration with artist Watie White at his installation all that ever was, always is, which I wrote about before here. I shall reflect on this conversational social practice experience soon.
  • The Barbara Weitz Community Engagement Center at the University of Nebraska at Omaha has asked that I deliver a workshop on the Art of Conversation, to aid their remarkable endeavors in forging a new paradigm in community collaboration. I am delighted to be a partner in what that organization is undertaking.
  • The Men’s Leadership Exchange at ICAN, the Institute for Career Advancement Needs, is hosting on October 23 an intriguing, fast-paced evening on the topic of leadership. Using a 7x7x7 formula, the event will comprise 7 speakers delivering 7 minute presentations on 7 different perspectives of leadership. I am pleased to be one of the speakers and, without giving away too much, would say I shall be discussing the role of conversation in ethical, empathic and compassionate leadership.
  • Future conversation experiences are being planned with the Omaha Jaycees and the Omaha Organization Development Network, as well as some public events with Joslyn Castle.
  • Finally, I have in mind one or two surprise events for the end of the year…

IMG_0414I hope to see you at one or other of these events. In the meantime, talk to me about your thoughts on the question: What is a conversational culture?