storycorps_national_day_of_listening_2013According to StoryCorps, listening is an act of love. To that I would add that conversation is an act towards belonging. The simple practice of conversation, sharing stories, beliefs, experiences and opinions, is at the heart of our Thanksgiving traditions. We find the humanity in each other and ourselves at such moments. This sentiment is captured by StoryCorps’ annual National Day of Listening this Friday. This post is my annual encouragement to you to embrace conversation this holiday season. If you feel stuck in a routine of conversational engagement, try some of the conversation questions here, or if the idea of politics and other tough discussions fills you with dread, try the approaches here. You can also tune in to your local NPR station to hear their programming about the National Day of Listening. My local station, KIOS, is taking part with a variety of interviews from diverse, intriguing Omaha citizens sharing their own fascinating stories.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and your conversations.