Apparently, Coca-Cola’s commercial about a spoof product, its “Social Media Guard,” is a “lighthearted “commercial” that reveals a heavy truth about just how crippling our social media addictions can be.” Well. Thank you Coca-Cola for the “Invitation to enjoy every day’s uplifting moments as they happen.” That’s a weight lifted from humanity. We can escape our artificial, virtual world addictions by sharing real moments, enabled by cola.

Coca-Cola tell us that they, “Have just started a conversation on a light-hearted look at how social media can dominate our daily lives and how it has changed the way that we ‘share’ moments with each other.” This is hardly a conversation started by Coca-Cola, as authors such as Sherry Turkle would note.

Coke_cans_FriendsI am, of course, as referenced in posts such as this one for example, all in favor of reconciling our tendency towards ambient intimacy with genuine connection and belonging. But, unlike my photo to the right, “friends” don’t come in cans… share a real moment with a real person.