Curious Conversations at the Museum of Alternative History

Jul 6, 2018 | Conferences and Speaking

In a cultural moment of the fake and factual, trickery and truth, The KANEKO is hosting a summer exhibition “Reality,” which includes “The Museum of Alternative History.” The brainchild of artist, filmmaker, and educator Tim Guthrie, the Museum concept mimics that of a traditional Museum of Natural History. The current exhibition offers a selection of the fittest explanations for the nature of the world and universe, and alternate histories contrary to … well … history.

Guthrie founded the Museum a few years ago as a response to efforts to change education curricula around the country about a false, revised and twisted history. The new Museum is an artist and writer led installation that explores our “post-truth” era. The exhibition addresses opinions supplanting facts and the use of selective facts to make a disingenuous argument based on opinions. It is about forcing personal beliefs onto others. It’s about mischief, myth, and a shiver of mayhem.

To challenge, tease, confront, and discuss our biases, I am curating a series of evening events, “Curious Conversations,” and a series of ad hoc informal events titled “Weeks of Wonder,” which will take place at The KANEKO throughout the summer. These experiences will take us to the intersection of artifact and artifice, unpick fact from fiction, and reveal what is obscured. I guarantee it is all true. Mostly.

Register here for the first of the free Curious Conversations: Snake Oil, Illusion, and Other Mischief. To learn more here about the Museum of Alternative History, KANEKO, and the series of Curious Conversation and other Museum events, visit The KANEKO’s website here.

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