After more than two years of designing and producing conversation experiences, and having gathered feedback data from those events, I thought it worth while reviewing the outcomes. As I have said elsewhere, no one gets an award, certificate, pass/fail grade or a guarantee of revelation. Conversation is inherently and, for my purposes, intentionally freed to be ambiguous, mercurial and almost self-willed. Every participant contributes their own unique opinions, insights, moods and ideas, and takes away an entirely original and personal concoction all their own. That said, I have gathered some basic research data around these questions:

“I left feeling very invigorated. Inspired, even.”

  • Would you recommend Squishtalks to a friend?
  • How satisfied were you with the experience?
  • Did the conversation make a difference or alter your perspectives?
  • Were you motivated to do something or to act differently?

The quantitative data findings are illustrated below (click on the diagram to enlarge it). As for the qualitative feedback, the following participant quotes are illuminating:

“One important takeaway, though, would be the entanglement of identity and a personal ‘brand’ — whether literally through a business or through one’s involvement in their community.”

“The discussion on respect of subjects being photographed has really had me thinking on our treatment of others based on religion, culture, belief systems, and whether we need consent if we believe we aren’t harming them but they believe we are.”

“I will be a more thoughtful consumer of information as a result of this discussion.”

“Other people noticed things that I did not notice.”

“Made me think about what adventure I will embark upon… “

“It made me assess myself in a new light.”

“I walked away with food for thought and new ideas and viewpoints to integrate into my work and home life.”

“… functioned to clarify my thinking on a subject.”

“Discussed the evening at a sales meeting with our staff, we talked about how important it is to teach. So many people don’t have the sensitivity to understand why something has value and integrity.”

“I was motivated by the sense of purpose some of the people in the room showed. Do, do, do, do. That’s sort of the mantra I left with. I have an idea for a project, and I’ve finally started to outline taking it from idea to ‘thing’.”

“Last night at dinner with friends, I found myself recounting aspects of the Arthaus conversation in my mind.”

“I’m more motivated to reach out to others and discuss the ideas I have — so I’ve put myself out there a little more.”

“One more kick towards acting on instinct.”