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Traveling into Conversation

Talk_with_me_Saint_PaulI have spent the last three weeks traveling around Nebraska engaging in conversation with people. The project, a couple of 830 mile long conversations, can be explored further here. Some interactions have been planned, though many have been spontaneous. It has been fascinating to chat with those people that have decided that they would accept my invitation to chat for a while. It has also been intriguing to wonder at the various reasons why people were happy enough just to say “hello,” but to pass on by.

The vast majority of my conversational experiences have been warm, even if we have disagreed on issues such as politics or religion. It has been affirming that the people I have encountered have been gracious and willing to share their stories. Debra in Alliance was somewhat dubious at first, then said she had nothing worth talking about. And then she said, “Would you like to hear my Charles Manson story?” I most certainly did…

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