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Smart Phones – An oxymoron for conversation

Death of Conversation [image copyright Babycakes Romero]

Death of Conversation [image copyright Babycakes Romero]

The remarkable street life images of people on their phones captured by Babycakes Romero are stark reminders of how smart phones serve to diminish the circumstances of connection. It is known that phones diminish the quality of our conversations. Many at my workshops find relief in being removed from their technological tethers, the absence of which enable them to forge authentic human connection. I shall say again that I am no Luddite, but will continue to emphasize that we must renegotiate our relationship with our technologies if we are to negotiate fulfilling relationships with ourselves and with each other.


[Babycakes Romero’s images capture a variety of visually rendered conversations. Follow his work @babycakesromero on Twitter and Instagram]



  1. aChittenden says

    What a wonderful image capturing something that I – and we all – have seen too many times in our lives. Destroying a moment of human interaction for the “. . . need to do a quick check” that typically leaves me thinking, “Is it that I am that boring?” Admittedly, I’ve done it myself and, yes, I always feel like an a-hole afterwards because, if it affects others as it affects me, it makes me feel small and dull and as though I am worth less to this person than the worth of their technology.

  2. Dusty says

    Check your status and emails while your on the john. At least you aren’t missing out on meaningful conversations at that time…..depending on how you spend your bathroom time.

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