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Updates and a Question

Voltaire_and_Diderot_at_the_Café_ProcopeFirst, the question: What is a conversational culture? I am developing concepts around how to create a conversational culture, but wanted to tap into your thoughts on what such an environment comprised and how it might be identified…


Now for a few simple updates:

  • I am part way through a collaboration with artist Watie White at his installation all that ever was, always is, which I wrote about before here. I shall reflect on this conversational social practice experience soon.
  • The Barbara Weitz Community Engagement Center at the University of Nebraska at Omaha has asked that I deliver a workshop on the Art of Conversation, to aid their remarkable endeavors in forging a new paradigm in community collaboration. I am delighted to be a partner in what that organization is undertaking.
  • The Men’s Leadership Exchange at ICAN, the Institute for Career Advancement Needs, is hosting on October 23 an intriguing, fast-paced evening on the topic of leadership. Using a 7x7x7 formula, the event will comprise 7 speakers delivering 7 minute presentations on 7 different perspectives of leadership. I am pleased to be one of the speakers and, without giving away too much, would say I shall be discussing the role of conversation in ethical, empathic and compassionate leadership.
  • Future conversation experiences are being planned with the Omaha Jaycees and the Omaha Organization Development Network, as well as some public events with Joslyn Castle.
  • Finally, I have in mind one or two surprise events for the end of the year…

IMG_0414I hope to see you at one or other of these events. In the meantime, talk to me about your thoughts on the question: What is a conversational culture?


  1. A conversational culture is one void of outside distractions. A campfire setting is the perfect example. One would assume wilderness isolation, and all folks are sitting in a circle, able to see all other people, which almost forces conversation. With the introduction of stars and deep space views, more interesting conversations about past and present are able to develop. Add good food and good beer, and its on!

    • Splendid, Dusty. There is, in your campfire illustration, something that suggests tapping into a meaning or context that is larger than or beyond ourselves, which is an interesting ingredient. Thanks for your thoughts.

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