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Omaha Table Talks

Omaha_Table_TalkI have long admired the concept of Omaha Table Talks, but have yet to take part… until this evening. Now a program of Inclusive Communities, I shall be taking part in an Omaha Table Talk dinner and conversation at Metropolitan Community College’s Fort Omaha campus. Inclusive Communities describes the event as, “A program which ensures everyone has a seat at the table-inviting all to take part in an open and honest dialogue about race, ethnicity and other forms of difference, while enjoying a complimentary meal… partnering with local venues throughout the Omaha metro area to host these imperative community dialogues.”

I look forward to an evening that moves me to the fringes of my experience, where I hope to meet and speak with others at the edges of their experience. Perhaps we can all find change in our shared, open conversation.


  1. Lori hoesing says

    Do we contact Metropolitan Community College for information on Inclusive Communities? I am interested in joining more conversational events/activities but have not seen any recent events/activities on SquishTalks.


    • Hello Lori. You can contact Inclusive Communities directly from their website here: As for Squishtalks events, after the hiatus of the holidays, I am planning events for 2014, some of which will be organization specific (e.g. the WELCOM Symposium), event specific (such as the YP Summit) and some public… it is the last group I am hoping to put together soon. Best wishes, Stuart

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