“Love. Love. Love.

This year, I have produced a number of conversation programs and experiences, for commercial, non-profit and social groups. After each event, I field a survey. For the Improve your Art of Conversation workshop alone, I have nearly 200 survey responses so far during 2013. I thought I’d share the data and some participant comments.


“In a couple of the ‘hard’ conversation types, the other [person] in the dialogue truly opened up with some deep personal ‘stuff’. That’s a big deal, to have seen such trust in the environment you created in that short time.”


“I’ve gotten a lot better at talking with my co-workers… ”

“… leading me to try to connect with others in the workplace in unexpected ways.”

“I walked away with food for thought and new ideas and viewpoints to integrate into my work and home life.”

“It reminded me to think… about the people behind the work.”

“Considering that I am in the process for applying for promotion, I feel that the increase in confidence will be helpful during the interview process.”


“This workshop helped me to communicate better with other people.”

“I spoke with someone who suffered from mental illness and was inspired to see how she was empowered by her illness. This workshop broke down most boundaries we often create with strangers and it led to an invigorating conversational experience.”

“It reminded me that myself and maybe society utilizes too much technology to communicate. We need to get back the fundamentals of communicating and conversing.”


“I found something totally in common with someone I wouldn’t have expected.”

“The conversations got me to think about some things from a different angle.”


“I think any experience like this is what makes you grow and change as an individual… ”

“Most impactful learning was that conversation is DESIGNED to change us….not to give us a platform to push our knowledge onto others.”