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Ass for Every Saddle

Last night 11 of us squished around a table at Corkscrew Wine & Cheese in Rockbrook Village for a Squishtalks experience, produced with Omaha Creative Institute. To explore what each of us individually took from the conversation, each participant jotted a thought or two on a postcard, which I am mailing back to them. I am hoping that these thoughtful expressions, arriving a day or two after mental percolation, will stimulate some progression or development in their thinking. We shall see…

The images of the postcards below do the talking for the night’s conversation. I was interested to see that “ass for every saddle” resonated! One topic that stuck out to me was one participant’s experience that we live so much for the future that the present does not exist. But when we do focus on the present, it is a terrifying spectacle as we behold our very personal human condition. We are so busy trying to get somewhere in our lives, we are rarely in them. Yet, when we pause, it takes courage to be honest with what you find…

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