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Arthaus12 Event One: Katie F-S

“Release the sparrow… “

The first Arthaus for 2012 featured the ebullient talent of slam poet, spoken word performer, and teacher Katie F-S. You can gather a sense of her art by watching this video of her TEDxOmaha presentation, although Katie chose to spark our evening’s conversation from a slightly different place. A letter of admiration, love, wit and some regret, written to Katie by her grandmother was the starting point for an evening’s discussion: a hint of longing for lives not lived, of memorial for what might be unrealized, of personal inspiration and fulfillment, of exploration and “where the hell is my” potential.

At the end of the evening, we received note cards adapted with text from the letter from Katie’s grandmother, and I am now curious to know where those words will now find themselves…


  1. Trilety says

    Angels of stone and shadow slatted bodies adorned my card with the words, “I’m getting better at trust. Say more than it says.” It is now slipped into the hubcap I have hanging on my kitchen wall that holds special correspondence. The event was great. I learned so much not only about Katie but about everyone in attendance as well – conversation shows you both the connections and the chasms between people. Thanks to the hosts and presenter!

  2. Adorning the divider in my OCI workspace (1516 Cuming) next to postcards featuring some of my favorite artists–Watie White, Ying Zhu, Nam June Paik, Bart Vargas. The card from Katie is in Spanish (except the snippets from her grandmother’s letter to her). Inspires me to keep in mind multiple generations, cultures, and art forms. Blessings to Katie F-S, Amy, Stuart, & everyone in the room.

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